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The Myth of Untamed Nature in the Brazilian Rainforest

Antonio Carlos Diegues. São Paulo, 1998

(zip file in PDF format 335kb)


El mito moderno de la naturaleza intocada 

Antonio Carlos Diegues. Abya-Yala, 2000.


Deforestation and Livelihoods in the Brazilian Amazon

Antonio Carlos Diegues (Ed.). São Paulo, 1997

(zip file in PDF format 648kb)


Maritime Anthropology in Brazil

Antonio Carlos Diegues (Ed.)
This reader contains papers presented at a series of national workshops called "Social Sciences and the Sea", organized by NUPAUB-Research Center on Human Population and Wetlands, of the University of São Paulo, from 1988 to 1991. (zip file in PDF format 2.159kb)




Traditional Communities and No-Take Protected Areas in Brazil; Conflicts and Rights
Research Coordinator: Antonio Diegues. São Paulo: NUPAUB-USP, 2011.
Protecting Biodiversity and Artisanal Fisher Right in Brazil
Antonio Carlos Diegues. In:  VII International Confence - Aix-Marseille University, France: July 2010.
Marine Protected Areas and Artisanal Fisheries in Brazil
Antonio Carlos Diegues. ICSF, May 2008.
People’s seas: “ethno-oceanography” as an interdisciplinary means to approach marine ecosystem change
Maria A. Gasalla & Antonio C. S. Diegues. In: Ommer, R., Cochrane, K., Cury, P., Perry, I. (eds). World Fisheries: a social-ecological analysis. Blackwell Sci. Publ., FAR Series, 2008.
Antonio Carlos Diegues. Keynote speech at Wiomsa, Durban-South Africa, October 2007.
A Sea of Dreams: Valuing Culture in Marine Conservation
John Cordell. The Ethnographic Institute Berkeley, 2007.
Artisanal fisheries in Brazil
Antonio Carlos Diegues, Marcelo Vasconcellos & Daniela Coswig Kalikoski. São Paulo: NUPAUB-USP, 2006.
Antonio Carlos Diegues. Published in: Terra Nova, Nature & Culture, Vol. III nº 3, Summer 1998: The World and the Wild. São Paulo: NUPAUB-USP, 2005.
Antonio Carlos Diegues. MARE CONFERENCE , Amsterdam: 7-9 July, 2005.
(file in PDF format 82kb)
Dean Medeiros. Joint Project with the IDRC and the UNDP Equator Initiative, Center for Community-Based Resource  Management, Natural Resources Institute, University of Manitoba, Winnipeg/MB, Canada, 2004.
Antonio Carlos Diegues. Non-revised version, Oct. 2002.
The myth of wilderness and the fate of traditional communities in the Brazilian Amazon
Antonio Carlos Diegues. Mare Conference: People and Sea, Amsterdam: Aug/Sept 2001.
Antonio Carlos Diegues. BLOOMINGTON-INDIANA, May 2000.
Antonio Carlos Diegues. São Paulo: NUPAUB-USP, 2000.
Ethno-Science and Biodiversity in Amazonia
Antonio Carlos Diegues. São Paulo: NUPAUB-USP, 2000.
John Cordell. Director of The Ethnographic Institute Berkeley, USA: California, 2000.
Antonio Carlos Diegues.
Antonio Carlos Diegues. Collaborators: Elias Akl Jr., Suely Angelo, Mônica Fleury de Oliveira. Paper presented at the 40th IUCN Conference in San José, Costa Rica, Febr. 1988.
Antonio Carlos Diegues. São Paulo: NUPAUB-USP, 1998.
Antonio Carlos Diegues. In: Privatizing Nature: political struggles for the global commons. London: Pluto Press with TNI, pp 54-75, 1998.
Coastal Wetlands; Conservation and Management in Brazil
Antonio Carlos Diegues. São Paulo: NUPAUB-USP, 1996.
Antonio Carlos Diegues. São Paulo: NUPAUB-USP, 1994.
Antonio Carlos Diegues. In: Grassroots Environmental Action: people's participation in sustainable development. London: Routledge, 1992.
Antonio Carlos Diegues, E. R. Oliveira, A. C. C. Moreira & E. Marone. In: Workshop Report on The Environmental Implications of Global Change. IUCN - The World Convervation Union, 18th General Assembly, Perth: Australia, 1990.
John Cordell. USA: Stanford University, 1973.