NUPAUB is an official research center of the University of São Paulo- Brazil, functioning since 1988.

It aims at studying the relationship between human population and wetlands in Brazil and at proposing alternative strategies for the conservation of these valuable habitats by local communities. The Center has undertaken a wide range of research in the various Brazilian eco-regions emphasizing the traditional knowledge of local people about fauna and flora and their management practices. More than 25 books and several papers have been published by Nupaub about subjects ranging from innovative conservation practices and approaches to actual implementation of protected areas of sustainable use. The Center regularly organizes short-term inter-disciplinary workshops on ethno-science, maritime anthropology, traditional knowledge and management. Most of the papers and books have been published in Portuguese and Spanish. The reader will find in this site some publications in English that can be easily and freely downloaded. Those who wish to publish their papers in English or Spanish can contact us through the email

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